Spotted at my local Chicago Public Library branch

I got spotted at my local public library branch in Chicago. I love the librarians the work there -- they are always so helpful, and are clearly working hard way beyond the call of duty! They were sweet, and decided that ONE CAME HOME should be one of their raffle prizes for kids reading books this summer. I came into my branch yesterday to pick up my Inter-library loans (LOVE ILLs) and the librarian asked if she could introduce me, and if I'd sign one of the prize books for this reader. Really? Yes! Of course! 

By the way, Kathryn (age 10) has also tried to write a book and found it tough going, but she persisted and got a draft done. Wow! We talked about what she had written and it turned out she had combined memoir and fiction, which is very sophisticated and interesting, so I definitely wanted to know about her process:  How did she decide when to use fiction and when to use memoir? A good writerly conversation!

I'm back to writing (fueled with inspiration from Kathryn). Thanks to the lovely librarian Mary Jo O'Toole for the photograph. Our branch is lucky to have such wonderful librarians. Thank you for all the work you do! 

Go Chicago Public Library Go! 

Out of the Classroom and Into the Woods

Did you hear this story on NPR about 'Forest Monday' for a Kindergarten class in Vermont? Love this!

What am I reading right now?  

Oh how I love this Kate Atkinson. To be honest, I've loved all the Atkinson books I've read (which at this point is everything except the short story collection -- and that's to come later). Seriously, I've loved everything. So when I say I love this book, A GOD IN RUINS, I'm comparing this book to her others, because I'd say you should read them all.  Reading Atkinson is a festival of pure joy!

 Anyway, I read LIFE AFTER LIFE last July and A GOD IN RUINS has resonances and echoes of LIFE AFTER LIFE (same world, but not at all the same story -- so far...) Anyway, the first night I started this one -- after a mere ten pages -- I began to dream (dream?!?) in this world. 

Don't tell me what happens okay? I've avoided the reviews so I can enjoy myself without knowing... 

What are you reading? 

Otherwise, I'm writing the next book. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you're enjoying summer!