Out of the Classroom and Into the Woods

Did you hear this story on NPR about 'Forest Monday' for a Kindergarten class in Vermont? Love this!

What am I reading right now?  

Oh how I love this Kate Atkinson. To be honest, I've loved all the Atkinson books I've read (which at this point is everything except the short story collection -- and that's to come later). Seriously, I've loved everything. So when I say I love this book, A GOD IN RUINS, I'm comparing this book to her others, because I'd say you should read them all.  Reading Atkinson is a festival of pure joy!

 Anyway, I read LIFE AFTER LIFE last July and A GOD IN RUINS has resonances and echoes of LIFE AFTER LIFE (same world, but not at all the same story -- so far...) Anyway, the first night I started this one -- after a mere ten pages -- I began to dream (dream?!?) in this world. 

Don't tell me what happens okay? I've avoided the reviews so I can enjoy myself without knowing... 

What are you reading? 

Otherwise, I'm writing the next book. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you're enjoying summer!



On my bookshelf

... and in the New York Times there's an essay by Helen MacDonald about bird migration. Her H is for Hawk is on my reading list. I've heard several interviews with her and I've got to read this book.  But read the essay mentioned above to find out why the Spear Stork (that's the photo) is important in the history of our understanding of bird migration. It's really fascinating!

Hope you're having a wonderful summer!


P.S. What am I doing? I'm working on my next book. Yay!