One Came Home on 2016 Louisiana Young Readers Choice List!

Hey! Cool!

Check this out: One Came Home is on the 2016 Louisiana Young Readers Choice List. Yay! 

Here's what they do: 

The Louisiana Young Readers' Choice program was founded in 1999 with the first award given in 2000. Participation in this program has climbed from 5,485 votes the first year to over 29,000 students participating in 2009. The purpose of the program is to foster a love of reading in the children of Louisiana by motivating them to participate in the recognition of outstanding books. Now entering its 15th year, the program continues to encourage Louisiana’s youth to read for pleasure.

Isn't it cool that people go out, find kids and motivate them to read? Awesome! Have I mentioned that one of my all time favorite possessions as a kid was my library card? (A few times? A dozen! No!)

Thank you Louisiana. I'm so honored that you've chosen One Came Home to be part of this program!