Women & Children First Bookstore Campaign

Women & Children First is a GREAT Chicago bookstore that began in 1979. It's been a lovely place to spend an afternoon and find something wonderful to read -- everybody in town talks about this bookstore.

Recently the store has faced big changes, and usually "big changes" and "bookstore" have equaled very bad things. But in this case? It's simply a transition. The owners are selling it to staff, who want to save the bookstore and do a few new things with it too! They've got an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds and lots of great ideas.

There's lots of STUFF to be had! Writers and artists across the region have donated fun things to the cause, so head on over and check this out. (I've donated a signed first edition of ONE CAME HOME.) Shopping for the holidays? Buy a gift and do a good deed at the same time. 

Go Women & Children First! I'm so glad you're here to support our community!