You're invited to my Christian small group in Chicago (if you want to come)

Hey! I just realized this morning that if any of you wanted to come to a church small group that my husband and I are hosting at our place on Wednesday nights this fall in Chicago, we'd love to have you. Really. You don't have to be a member of our church to attend. 


The group is called "The Holy Way" (because we're reading Paula Huston's book, The Holy Way). It'll run roughly October through December (dates at the link below). Our place is in Chicago (more details on that at the link too). We'll be praying for one another (probably laying on hands -- just FYI), talking about Jesus, encouraging one another and hopefully having really great discussions about the topics from the book.

This isn't a writing group -- it's a Christian group, and there's a lot of Jesus talk going on. I say this so it's clear what's going on. For some of you, that's not your thing and I respect that. (Here's a link to my church -- the Vineyard Christian Church of Evanston -- if you want to check that out.)

I know this may seem a little odd to see this sort of thing on a writer's website, but I realized that maybe one or two of you might want to come -- and you can't come if you don't know about it. And Phil and I would love to have you if you're interested. Seriously.

Also, we might do dinner on the fly. It might contain some of my experimental cooking, but hey, I like to cook what I like to cook!

Free on Wednesday nights this fall? Come on over. (Or check the dates on that link I keep mentioning -- we do have a couple of Wednesdays we won't be meeting.) 

Here's the link I keep talking about:

You can ask questions, check out the description and the dates, and sign up through this link. 



P.S. Back to writing...

Good News!

I'm emerging from my writing "hermitage" (remember my photo?) with a couple of bits of good news!

ONE CAME HOME has been chosen for a couple of statewide reading lists for 2015-2016. These are the best lists to be on because kids read the books and then vote on their favorites. My book is for those readers and so it's such a pleasure to find out they'll be reading about ONE CAME HOME, discussing it, arguing over it, and then voting. Awesome!

Okay here are the lists I just found out about: 

Great news!

How's the writing going? The story is moving along, and I simply hope I can capture what's going on in my head on the page. I think it's going to be a good story. I hope so anyway. 

And now, back to the hermitage. If you don't see me a lot here, or on Facebook, you know I'm doing my job. It's good news!

Man, do I feel blessed to be able to do a job that I enjoy. I wish the same for you!

Haven't heard from me in awhile? I'm writing.

Whew! It's been busy -- in a good way!  

But now it's time for me to spend some quality time writing. So if my blog and Facebook posts seem a little out of date, it's all for a good cause -- there's a story that's being written. I'll definitely be checking my inbox, so if you email me through the contact form on my website, I'll get it! 

Hope you're all well. Thanks again and again for supporting ONE CAME HOME.  It's been wonderful!