Utah Beehive Book Award Nominee (2015-2016) and mittens!

Hello! Just dropping in to my website to say, 'Hey, look at this!' The state of Utah has decided to nominate ONE CAME HOME for their 2015-2016 book award list. This means kids across that beautiful state of Utah will be reading the book over the next school year. Wow! Cool! Thank you Children's Literature Association of Utah!

Here's the link to the Utah list: http://www.clau.org/2015-2016-nominess-for-the-beehive-book-award.html

I love these state book lists for children's reading! It's such a good idea. (Do they do this for adults? Like, you know, awards given and everybody gets to vote on their favorite reads of the year? It's fun.)

And in other news -- smaller news, but since it took me two years to do it (two years!?!?!) I feel compelled to share: I finished my mittens. Finally. I know you've all been thinking, WHEN will Amy going to finish those mittens? Yeah, yeah... sorry! I took so much time off from knitting that these mittens got put off...and put off...and put off. One winter, two winters, going by... and good gravy, it was NOT going to be three winters without these mittens!

It is now WARM in Chicago, but I am happy to tell you this: The mittens are done. 

Whew. Yes, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. 

The pattern is Elizabeth Zimmerman. (Her patterns are at Schoolhouse Press.)The idea for knitting a liner for the inside (angora!) came from Anna Zilboorg (The link is to B&N book page, but also google her name for images of her designs. Beautiful stuff!) The color choice is all mine -- part stash-utilization, and part a desire for very bright but traditional mittens. I feel I have succeeded!

And now, back to writing. I promise I am much more diligent as a writer than knitter.


P.S. A couple of authors I'm loving: Kate Atkinson (please read LIFE AFTER LIFE and then everything else), Brian Doyle (adored THE PLOVER and now am onto MINK RIVER). Ian McEwan is becoming someone I need to read too. (I read SWEET TOOTH and loved his twists. Then I read THE INNOCENTS, and whoa! What?!? If you like surprising twists, he's your guy.) Finally, I'm working through Barry Unsworth's SACRED HUNGER, which is a hard story to read but so far, perfectly done (as far as I can tell). 

P.P.S. None of the above books are intended for kids. Sigh. The truth is I haven't figured out how to write about kids' books here yet, because well, I know those writers! And so if I include someone here, I'm also NOT including someone else, and that all makes me sad. I like all of them!

One Came Home closing on April 5th

<Sigh>  I knew this day was coming. Yes, all good things must come to an end. One Came Home, the theatrical adaptation done by Lifeline Theatre in Chicago closes on April 5th -- yup, this week. So if you wanted to see it, now is the time to go! 

What a ride this has been! Thank you Lifeline for such a good experience. I truly appreciate it. 

Here's a review by Ada Gray, a Chicago theatre critic who is very near the age of Georgina Burkhardt. (It does have a few spoilers in it, but you'll love it.) Enjoy! 

And here's a link to Lifeline Theatre's One Came Home page.

Go Lifeline Go!