Great review for One Came Home from The Buffalo News!

Truly loved this review of One Came Home that appeared in The Buffalo News. Loved it partly because it appeared in a real honest-to-goodness newspaper. Does that make me old-fashioned? But seriously, I'd forgotten how much I love seeing reviews in newspapers. Lovely!  Anyway, here it is from the 1/18/13 paper:


"This marvelous tale of the Wild West that was Wisconsin in 1871 has a murder mystery, a memorable heroine, and most of all, a fascinating backdrop, of passenger pigeon migration and the “pigeoners” that followed the birds. (The author identifies herself as a birder first and a writer third, and includes fascinating notes about the record nesting of 1871, that by one account may have included all the passenger pigeons in North America and covered 850 square miles.) Somewhat reiminiscent of Charles Portis’ classic “True Grit,” as the story of a stubborn adolescent looking for justice, the novel comes alive as the voice of 13-year-old Georgie Burkhardt, who is known for being a deadshot with her Springfield rifle. She is also famous for her talent for keeping accounts at her family’s general store – and for speaking her mind. So when she sees her older sister, Agatha, kissing a former boyfriend, Georgie takes it upon herself to let wealthy Benjamin Olmstead know what his fiancee is up to. Then Agatha runs off, a mangled body is brought back wearing Agatha’s distinctive blue-green ball gown and everybody seems to believe Agatha is dead - except for Georgie, who sets out with Agatha’s former boyfriend, her rifle and a picture of Agatha, on a quest to figure out what really happened to her sister. The writing is fresh and funny (“a fresh pile of horse apples confettied with flies”). Timberlake has plotted a compelling mystery and coming-of-age tale, and the page-turning suspense yields to a satisfying conclusion, wrapping in almost as an afterthought another 1871 event, the deadly firestorms that devastated Chicago and small towns along the Wisconsin shoreline of Lake Michigan."

– Jean Westmoore